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Whether a design/assist or full design/build partners, Water FX engages in the process of taking complicated projects from concept to completion, on time and on budget. Water FX is an experienced and well established company with many resources and the combined wisdom to seamlessly manifest even the most complex design and engineering challenges. Water FX is driven to exceed expectations and deliver that “Wow” that makes your project truly special.

Water FX performs virtually all its fabrication in house with cutting edge CNC machinery. Features, sculptures, animation, automation, special effects, water, wind, fire, programmable LEDs and whatever you can imagine Water FX can create. Water FX is a dedicated, resourceful team of experienced thinkers, project managers, designers, fabricators, machinists, artists, artisans and technicians with a passion for perfection.

Water FX works closely with designers, architects, contractors and owners to realize their grand and unique visions.

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Because the market for impressive water and fire features is ever-changing,
Water FX continually strives to be innovative.

Many years of experience have fostered a great capacity for innovation, enabling Water FX to design and construct features that are uniquely stunning. Below are a few examples of work in Pools, Spas, Stainless Steel Vessels, Water Features, Models, Prototypes, Mock-ups and some examples of projects done by Water FX and Large Scale Props- our theming division.



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Water FX can turn conceptual designs into practical, tangible features all with accurate pricing for complete construction. A full comprehension of the project in the beginning helps to avoid unexpected change orders in the future.

Commercial Pool and Spa Construction

As seen in resorts and areas around the Las Vegas Strip and across the region, Water FX has been providing a comprehensive approach to its design, fabrication , construction and installation since 1997. Our aquatic specialists have numerous years developing designs and installing for a variety of applications.

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Stainless Steel Pools

Our dedication and commitment to producing sustainable swimming pools of the highest caliber has allowed us to be a part of many extraordinary custom swimming pool projects. What makes Stainless Steel Pools so unique? There is no shape, size or height that cannot be accommodated in creating the most luxurious swimming pools.

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Water Features

Water FX has been on the forefront of creating innovative and site-specific water features for indoor and outdoor spaces. Our collaborative and multidisciplinary approach combined with more than 34 years of experience, result in expertly executed projects that embody the highest standards of design, engineering, and craftsmanship.

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Architectural & Decorative Fabrication

Water FX offers optimum quality and service in our fabrication facility. We can handle fabrication projects of various material types in a wide range of complexity, size, and quantity.

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Themed Environments

Theming, props, statues, architectural set-designs, figures, themed waterfalls, fountains and more… Custom Characters & Sculptures – foam designed, hard-coated, painted and finished. Water FX can laser scan any toy/character sculpture and build it as big as you can imaging; the team can also 3D model a custom character specifically for you.

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